Privacy Policy

This text describes how your personal data is managed. As you can see below, I only collect data to maintain some game databases, and to measure how my game can be improved.

The app registers events, and reports anonymous information to my Google Analytics [ref] page. Typical data is what screens have been viewed, if a match was won or lost, that a user in Gothenburg is active, how long time an anonymous user was active, etc.

It’s very common that games and webpages collect data in this way. The data is used to provide a better user experience.

I manage a database that contains player and match data. The player database holds data like Game Center name, a Game Center user identification number, and the current scores. The match database holds match data of Game Center matches. At a later stage this data might be displayed in some kind of leaderboards.

Apart from how analytics data is used in §1, I will not sell or distribute data to any third party.

The data in §2 is very harmless, but contact me if you want to remove your data described in §2 from the databases.

The data described in §1 can not be removed for a specific person, as the data is anonymised.