Cucumber Fields is inspired by a game that we played in the schoolyard when I was a child. The rules are simple:

  • Build land to get area points,
  • cut your opponents land to get more area points, and
  • collect shining gold coins within your land, to get gold points.

Land is built and cut by a stick that is thrown by the attacking party. Land is extended to the stick if the stick lands outside the land, and the stick cuts the land if it lands inside.

The first player to reach the target score in the upper right corner wins.

A match in 30 seconds

The clip below shows a condensed commented replay of a match, where I play the AI at 43% skill.

A match replay

Let me show you a replay of a match where I play the AI at 93% skill. As you can see, the matches get longer with increased skill. I’ve added comments to the movie to give you a quick introduction to the rules and tactics of the game.

The turn

The previous clips have been match replays. The clip below shows the controls and the game play of a typical turn.

I’m playing the AI at 70% skill, which is above 50%, meaning that the attacker will be completely invisible after the throw. This opens up for lots of tactics. You can only guess where your opponent is located when you chose where to attack with the stick. Maybe your opponent is in the area with lots of gold, or maybe he’s defending his main land. You never know!

This clip is taken from an AI match, but you can also meet other players in the World League. As you can play many World League matches simultaneously, you will hopefully have a couple of pending turns each time you want to play.

Hope to see you in the World League!

I’ve enjoyed the development of Cucumber Fields. I’ve done everything myself, except for the music, and I’ve been quality minded.

During the development, my focus has been to make a game that has true depth. A game that can be played for 50 hours, and still be fun. I’ve played Cucumber Fields for more than that, and some beta testers have played the AI for more than 30 effective hours.

I still can’t predict my own AI, and I still find Cucumber Fields exciting. As a matter of fact, I’ve just reached 94% skill level, meaning 9 stars, not 10, in my own game. Maybe you can do it better?

I hope to see you soon in the World League!

Best Regards,